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A Message From The Hot Mess Empress Herself

Ruby Ratchet headshot wearing a leopard print top with her hair half up, smiling at camera
Ruby Ratchet and Magnetic Merlot mid performance
Students from Fierce Femme Dance wearing lingerie laying in a circle with their heads in the centre, they're laughing.
Ruby Ratchet in a Milk Bath surrounded by red rose petals
Jen Sheppard aka Ruby Ratchet

Studio Director, Producer, Performer, Entrepreneur

Hey Lovely... Welcome to you!

Welcome to Fierce Femme Dance, where every entrance is the beginning of something extraordinary. My own journey into the world of dance wasn't just about mastering the steps; it was about embracing life with boldness and finding a way to truly stand out.

This studio is our empowerment sanctuary. Here, we celebrate your unique journey, no matter your background. Age, shape, size, gender – none of that defines you here. What matters is the story you're ready to tell through dance, in a space brimming with support and positivity.

Life throws challenges our way – from mental health struggles to body image issues and everything in between. Like many, I've navigated these turbulent waters, finding solace and strength on the dance floor. Dance has been my declaration of resilience, a way to confidently own my story.

Now, it's your turn to step into the light.

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Wollondilly, our studio, part of Wellness Recharge Picton, comes alive with energy. Our classes sync with school terms, making scheduling a breeze for everyone, especially for those juggling family life.

We offer a spectrum of dance experiences, from the invigorating beat of dance fitness to the sultry steps of heels routines and the classic grace of burlesque. More than just learning to dance, joining us is an invitation to celebrate life, to blend your unique rhythm with ours, and to discover a sense of belonging that dances to the beat of mutual respect and joy.

There’s no need to wait. Embrace this opportunity for transformation.

Whether reigniting a passion for dance or stepping onto the floor for the first time, our community is here to welcome you. Dance is a journey to self-love, a bold expression, and a way to connect with a community that cheers for every achievement.

If you're ready to explore your potential, elevate your spirit, and become part of a community that embraces empowerment, we're here to open the doors for you.



The 3 Core Pillars of Fierce Femme

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