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The Fierce Femme Story

Kickstarted in 2021 as Vixen and Vamp Burlesque, our studio strutted onto the scene offering a stage for those bold enough to explore the art of burlesque. As our tribe expanded and our dreams got bigger, we realized it was time to step up and shake things up. In 2024, we unleashed our fiercer side — Fierce Femme Dance — a name that packs a punch and perfectly captures our mission: to empower and ignite every soul that sashays through our doors.

Why Fierce Femme?

We didn’t just change our name; we revamped our vibe. Fierce Femme Dance isn’t just about dance; it’s a lifestyle. It’s about creating a badass space where everyone, from beginners to pros, can unleash their inner queen and own the dance floor. It's our salute to diversity, embracing a wide array of dance styles that encourage our dancers to flaunt their unique flair and fierce energy.

Students and Teachers Sitting and Laughing


At Fierce Femme Dance, our mission is to turn up the volume on empowerment. We're here to show that dance isn't just about the steps—it's about strutting your stuff with confidence and owning your space. We provide a vibrant, inclusive playground where everyone is welcome to shine, no matter their story or style. Our goal? To foster a fabulously fierce community that celebrates diversity, champions self-expression, and cultivates joy. We're not just teaching dance; we're creating a movement where every twirl is a step toward feeling unstoppable. Come join us and let’s make some noise together!


At Fierce Femme Dance, we empower through movement, embracing dance as a powerful tool for transformation. Our studio is an inclusive sanctuary that celebrates diversity and promotes a judgment-free environment. We integrate various dance styles with wellness practices, focusing on holistic development that nurtures mind, body, and spirit. Our approach combines continuous learning with fun, ensuring each class is engaging and every dancer, regardless of experience, enjoys a fulfilling journey of growth and self-expression. Join us to unleash your potential in a vibrant dance community that’s all about personal empowerment and JENuine enjoyment :) 


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