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Fierce Femme Dance Studio Media Policy


At Fierce Femme Dance Studio, we strive to create a vibrant, empowering, and inclusive community. Capturing moments from our classes, events, and other activities through photography and video recording plays a crucial role in sharing and promoting our dynamic environment. This Media Policy outlines how these media are captured, used, and managed to ensure respect for personal privacy and clear communication of consent.



This policy applies to all forms of media capture, including photography and video, conducted by Fierce Femme Dance Studio, its employees, or authorized agents.


Notification and Consent

* Prior Notification: All members will be notified prior to any photography or video recording that takes place during any class, event, or studio activity. This notification will be given sufficiently in advance and will detail the nature and purpose of the recording.


* Express Consent: We require express consent from any member who is recognizable in the footage or images before using such media. Consent to be photographed or recorded does not automatically include consent for the use of such media. Separate consent will be obtained for each distinct use of the images or recordings.


* Consent Forms: Detailed consent forms will be provided to all participants who are directly involved or featured in any photo or video. These forms will specify how the content will be used and any areas of concern can be addressed prior to giving consent.


Use of Media


Photographs and videos may be used for promotional materials, including but not limited to online content, marketing brochures, and public relations materials, provided express consent has been obtained.

No Compensation: Participants acknowledge that they will not receive financial compensation for the use of images or videos in which they appear.

Respectful Use: Media will be used respectfully and will not be altered in any way that could compromise the integrity or reputation of those depicted.


Rights and Revocations

Right to Withdraw Consent: Participants have the right to withdraw their consent at any time. To withdraw consent, participants must submit a written request to the studio. Upon processing the request, Fierce Femme Dance Studio will cease the use of the participant's images in new materials; however, existing materials in circulation may continue to be used.

Handling of Media: All media will be stored securely and will only be accessible to authorized studio personnel. Measures will be taken to ensure that unauthorized persons do not access or misuse the media.


Privacy and Data Protection

Confidentiality: Personal details collected for the purposes of consent will be kept confidential and will be used solely in connection with the administration of media use.

Data Protection: Fierce Femme Dance Studio complies with applicable data protection laws and will ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place to protect personal information.


Contact Information

For any questions or concerns regarding this Media Policy, or to submit a withdrawal of consent, please contact us at:

Email: Phone: 0417750401 Address: 16/70 Bridge St, Picton NSW 2571


By participating in Fierce Femme Dance Studio's activities and providing your consent, you agree to the terms outlined in this Media Policy.

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